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Turn on Your Heartlight

With the coming of Fall the days are getting shorter. For some of us that means more running in the dark (as if weren’t already in the dark). And of course my apologies to Neil Diamond for borrowing one of his lines for the title of today’s post.

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Take it with a Brain Assault

Today’s toon is a bit of a stretch unless you’re steeped in the lore of distance running. There’s a saying that goes, “Miles make champions.” Hence the large volume of miles in the speech balloon above. A good training program will usually contain some form of intervals, repeats or something called fartlek (which is Swedish for “speed play”).

The final bit of training would include some form of running that would get you used to running at a hard effort for a sustained period to simulate actual racing. This would include things like lactate threshold runs, fast continuous runs, tempo, aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold runs. So it was a bit of a stretch to substitute antelopic for anaerobic but not for those who already know about this terminology.

So there you go: more than you could’ve possibly wanted to know about running just to beat a dead nag and make a silly point.

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There’s a quote from the movie The Matrix where Agent Smith says to Neo: “You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death…” NIce cheery topic for today’s post, eh?

I don’t want to belabor the point but it’s weird to see that my friends and I are now of a certain age where we are exhibiting some of the characteristics about which we used to mock old people.

We have become Them. And now we can be self-mocking. Of course you needn’t join the party as we’re doing just fine making fun of ourselves, thank you very much. Besides, don’t get too smug because you’ll be here too some day — and that’s if you’re one of the lucky ones. But in the mean time DO enjoy it (whatever “it” is) while you’ve got it.


My buddies Herb and Mark did the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim this past weekend. That’s one that is still on my bucket list. This cartoon is my little celebration of the fact that they made it.

Congrats guys!

Us and Them

Howdy, I’m back from a mini-vacay. Today’s cartoon’s caption/thought-bubble was a toughie. I originally came up with the one above because it was obvious. I wrestled with an alternative where our brave (idiotic?) runner is thinking “Well, I guess I’ll go ask my question then”, or something to that effect. I eventually stuck with my first sentiment but I can think of a number of ways it could’ve gone.

What do you think? Anybody have a preference for one thought bubble or the other? Or perhaps you have a better/funnier alternative. If so, don’t be shy. Put your thoughts into the ether by clicking on the “Leave a reply” link above.