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Jest Desserts

It’s been a while since I took a swipe at my buddy Herb… so here it is.

Don’t eat it all in one sitting.

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The Real Deal

Well my wife didn’t get this one so I guess it might require an explanation: The kid in the picture is so ensconced in his virtual world that he has to have dad explain to him what actual reality is about. Apparently it can’t compare with his exciting digitally-enhanced domain… especially since he doesn’t know how to interface with it in a way to control it.

There, I hope that clears things up about this bit of a reach on my part on a concept that may be a bit too far afield for my audience.

Please forgive me.

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Sticky Buns

Thought it was time to do a little steeplechase update. Last July (2014) when I wrote a little bit about the event. Emma Coburn was just getting going on a rip-roaring season that was highlighted when she broke the American women’s record. She also took some very impressive scalps along the way when she rocked the Diamond League circuit.

On the men’s side Evan Jager went on to take down his own American record. Clocking an 8:04 he tore two huge seconds off his old mark. He’s dangerously close to dipping under the magic 8 minute barrier. But each new breakthrough is hard won with lots of tough training, great racing and staying injury-free. I look forward to more steeple action this year. And this is a World Championship year so we may not get the fastest of times but we’re guaranteed some gutsy performances.

Now if they could just move the event to an indoor venue we could enjoy it more of the year…

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The Strayed and Narrow Path

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