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Binge Watch

The kind of thing to wear as you lie on the couch for a week or two and view every Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones (insert your favorite series here) episode ever made.

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Watcha doin?

Today’s toon was inspired by this morning’s follies. We recently got a new digital wi-fi, app-enabled scale with which to weigh ourselves. It also allegedly calculates body fat percentages, BMI and your likelihood of reaching enlightenment in this millenium. Or something like that.

Anyway we tried to link our iPads to the thing and only I was successful. Perhaps my wife’s device is too old to master this technological feat. But, even though I triumphantly conjoined to the app’s mysterious and disinclined interface it refused to actually show me anything. I was all signed in and in the trust-tree of the vulcan mind-meld and I got nothin’. Bupkis.

Phone calls were made to the parent company and forty-five minutes later what I got was a varying physical readout on the scale — mind you, I had to read the scale not my iPad — that revealed the depressing weight. And weight only. No body fat. No BMI.

So what do you do when you’re flustrated? Why you draw a cartoon about it or at least about something somewhat related. Believe me when it comes to something as technologically as sophisticated as programming my DVR I’m punching above my weight so it’s only partially the devices fault. Perhaps I’ll just have to eventually come to some kind of peace wherein I note the scale’s weight reading and simply judge¬†my BF/BMI by whether or not I can still cram into my jeans.

Technology can’t live with it. Can’t get it out o’ yer life.

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